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I'm Ready To Buy
Your Land or House.

The simple way to sell your raw, vacant, or underdeveloped land or house nationwide.

How It Works

Looking for companies that buy vacant land or houses nationwide? I'm Alex, and I buy raw or vacant land and houses in Ohio, Maine, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and many more states nationwide. Quickly sell your land or house by getting an offer from me!

1. I'll Research Your Land or Parcel

Provide us with a few basic pieces of information, using our simple Sell My Land Or House Form. Once I receive that information, I will begin researching your land or house.

2. I'll Present Your Offer

Once I have verified that your property meets my buying criteria, I will determine an offer amount and contact you by phone to discuss your offer.

3. I'll Send You An Agreement

Once we have come to an agreement on the sale of your land or parcel, I will prepare a purchase agreement.

Ready to sell your land or house?

Meet Alex.

Alex is the founder of Clearfield Land. His mission is to help individuals and companies by providing a quick cash solution for their unwanted or underutilized property. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with friends and family and traveling.


Request An Offer For
Your Land or House.
Image by Ilse


 What a pleasant surprise to receive an offer from Alex Revnew on a piece of property we had always thought we’d develop but never did.  We agreed on a price, I provided some information on the property that he needed, and that was basically it.  Alex took it from there, preparing the paperwork, contacting the municipality, etc.  It was smooth and effortless. 
At first, I was a bit uneasy, since we were dealing online with a total stranger. But I quickly felt at ease with Alex. He was fair, honest, communicative, and always positive and pleasant.  I actually felt I was dealing more with a friend than a business relationship.  
Bottom line:  Alex is a man of his word and I believe you will be very happy with your decision to do business with him.  I know we are!


Marianne Selbert Troy

So Alex sent me a letter spring of 2022. 6 months later another request to purchase land I had in Maine, I decided to call him but before I did I looked into his company, and was legitimate. I contacted Alex and agreed on a price and the rest was history. He kept up on his end and the title company in Maine he uses was great, painless, and got done the right way.



John Crocker

Alex notified me by postcard and we talked about the sale of my land. Everything went smoothly and transaction was pretty quick. Happy with the way everything went.



Lucius Moore

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